Almost Noiseless Nanomechanical Microwave Amplifier

2017-08-02 15:57:45

Physicists in Low Temperature Laboratory of Aalto University have shown how a nanomechanical oscillator can be used for detection and amplification of feeble radio waves or microwaves. A measurement using such a tiny device, resembling a miniaturized guitar string, can be performed with the least possible disturbance. The......more

Riding the wave pioneering research tames nanoquakes

2017-08-09 09:26:39

The research team, led by Professor Geoff Nash from the University of Exeter, have created a new structure that can manipulate the extreme frequency sound waves – also known as surface acoustic waves or ‘nanoquakes’ , as they run across the surface of a solid material in a similar manner to earthquake tremors on land.......more